Tuesday, January 22, 2008

10,000 words and may be some more

The answers as well as the scores have been posted as a comment.

1.How did the death of this man alter Indian history?

2.The man on the right (your right)and the man on the left were friends. The man on the left immortalized the man on the right as a character in his work. The man on the left's claim to fame is that, he created a character who also made men debate whether he was from the right or from the left. Id the men in the picture.

3. Absolut Vodka's tribute to a great movie. What did I blank off?

4. Which movie takes it's name from the newspaper item given below?

5. This is one of the most sought after images on internet, today? Who is this?

6.Identify the artist. One of the iconic art works of late 21st century. The creator of this piece is currently the world's most expensive artist.

7.Somebody delivering his last speech, who?

8.Tribute to what?

9.The person in picture is a Brit illustrator who lived during the Victorian era, he is remembered today for dressing up some one with a cap and coat.

10. "a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language" paying tribute to something, what?


Blogger rakuboy said...

one week kazhinju.. answers pls...

8:42 AM  
Blogger E.P. Ravencraft said...

Scores and answers.

Goutam Jayasurya 2
Nipun 1
Hrishi Varma 4
Manjith 4
Priya Kamala 5

1. Potti Sriramulu whose death resulted in dividing India into states on the basis of


2. The man on the left is Georges Remi and the man on the right is Zhang Chongren.
Mr Remi aka Herge based the character Chang Chong Chen on him.

For details of the debate check out

3.Potemkin is what I rubbed using Paint. The place shown is called Potemkin Stairs

4.21 grams


5. Jerome Kerviel the rogue trader.


6. The piece on display is called
the Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living created by Damien Hirst

7.Thats Yukio Mishima, the jap writer who committed harakiri. This picture was taken minutes before
his suicide

8.Southparks tribute to Thich Quang Duc's great sacrifice.


9. Thats Sidney Paget shown wearing the deerstalker cap.

10.The webcomic xkcd's wikipedia tribute.

A funny article on citation: http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/index.php/Citation_needed

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